The Way of the World

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  3. Lady Wishfort, who is __________ years old, is vain and susceptible to false flattery..
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Extinction Rebellion: A Nationalist's View

Explore more timeline content: Jump to: s s s s s s s s s s s. His brother Anthony has already arrived in town and befriended the arrogant Petulant.

Mirabell hatches a plan to deceive Lady Wishfort and ensure he and Millamant receive the full amount. Marwood and Fainall discuss their affair.

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  • The Way of the World!
  • Fainall vows to rob his wife and marry Mrs. Mirabell reveals his plan to Millamant. Marwood and Fainall learn of the plot against Lady Wishfort.

    Together, the two of them decide to reveal the scheme to her in an anonymous letter. Lady Wishfort prepares to receive Sir Rowland while Millamant is forced to talk with Sir Willful, whose romantic advances she completely rejects.